My philosophy

Drive positive change with creative campaigns

Capitalism is changing

A new movement is happening, driven by forward-thinking businesses, dedicated NGOs, conscientious consumers, and smart investors.

Political turmoil, fake news and social media manipulation have driven a loss of trust in political institutions. People want brands and businesses to be the arbiters of human values. But these high expectations are accompanied by deep skepticism and a low tolerance for corporate spin.  

Words are not enough. Businesses need to act. Today’s CEOs need strong corporate affairs counsel to shape strategy, retain a social and environmental licence to operate, and provide resilience against a tide of fast-moving issues. Every business needs a deeply embedded and well-communicated purpose that meets the expectations of all of its stakeholders, from employees, local communities, civil society and politicians to investors. 

Great creative communications takes that positive story to the people that matter. Yet only 40% of businesses have defined a purpose that is understood by employees and stakeholders, and only a third of FTSE100 companies have senior communications capability in-house.    

I work with you to define and communicate the value your organisation brings to the world and to help you drive positive change both inside and outside your business. 

News and views

For in-house leaders

A senior perspective to support and complement your in-house team as you build reputation and drive purposeful change. 

For start-ups & SMEs

Helping you establish the right communications and reputation foundations – from purpose & values to creative campaigning. 

For agency leaders

Strategic insight, client experience and flexible resource to help you deliver exceptional client service and grow your business in today’s competitive market.


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