My services

For in-house leaders

A senior perspective to build reputation
and drive purposeful change.  

Strategy and counsel

Access senior experience to complement your in-house team and counsel on strategy, transformation or reputational challenges. 

Purpose, values & narrative

Create a purposeful mindset and strategy that drives stakeholder success.  

Creative campaigning

Cut through the noise with creative campaigns that drive meaningful change.  

ESG communications

Activate your sustainability principles through creative campaigns, advocacy and activism. 

Employee advocacy

Empower and grow an engaged community of employees who drive change and build reputation. 

Crisis and issues

Build a resilient, well-prepared business that can thrive in a complex world.  

Strategy, counsel & design


Corporate affairs needs a new mindset and skill-set. 

Expectations change fast and inter-connected issues must be managed across multiple geographies and audiences simultaneously. It must be a consulting function connecting your business to the outside world, influencing decision-making and smoothing the path to success with impactful campaigns. I support major projects or launches to complement your in-house team or act as a counsellor to help you shape a world-class team from design through talent to strategy.  


Purpose, values & narrative


Define and embed a purpose within your organisation, or communicate an existing purpose creatively and persuasively. 

Businesses with purpose find it easier to make decisions, attract and retain talent and persuade their customers to purchase. I help you define your unique contribution The together we drive successful change inside and outside your business with the right narrative and campaigns, delivered by strategic partnerships and confident and empowered spokespeople.   


Creative campaigning

Build winning creative campaigns that work in a multi-channel, always on world, where the boundaries between audiences are more blurred than ever.

We all know that the best creative campaigns drive lasting and positive change inside and outside your business. Being memorable, relevant and appealing to hearts as well as minds, is critical to success. I’ve worked on brand launches, thought leadership campaigns, consumer behaviour change campaigns and political influencer programmes.  

ESG communications


Develop a well-evidenced, passionately told sustainability and social impact story. 

Convince NGOs, persuade politicians, makes your employees proud and resonate with consumers. ESG is now a mainstream topic, but the issues are complex and technical. Your communications need to bridge the gap between science and myth and meet high, often conflicting stakeholder expectations. Social justice requires difficult conversations in today’s era of identity politics and in a skeptical world, the burden of proof is greater than ever before. Don’t be left behind. 


Employee advocacy


Make your employees one of the most powerful weapons in your communications arsenal. 

My campaigns make your people advocates for your business, or activists driving your change agenda – and prevent critics agitating against your business from the inside out. I use all the strategic rigour we apply to external affairs – listening to and understanding the audience, identifying and engaging influencers and executing great creative campaigns.   


Crisis and issues

Access my expert issues management skills to reduce risk and build resilience for your reputation. 

Our world of pop-up politics, 24-7 news and an intensely interconnected information network means issues can become crises in a matter of hours. On Coca-Cola’s issues team, I managed complex, high-profile issues including food safety, taxation, terrorism and Covid-19. Agency-side, I advised clients on advertising complaints, product contamination, factory closures and NGO attacks.


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